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Chris Howells howells at kde.org
Mon Jul 28 12:25:13 BST 2003

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On Monday 28 July 2003 11:57, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> What changes in KDE are required to support the new languages?

I don't know, however:


"All that is needed is to replace Qt-3.1 by Qt-3.2. I didn't change a single 
line of code in kde to achieve this. When using it, you will however notice, 
that some things (as e.g. selection handling) are still broken and will need 

> The question is, what do we gain by introducing a requirement on Qt 3.2 and

* Support for Indic languages (don't know exactly how much of the world's 
population this effects, but somebody else in the thread suggested billions 
and this sounds about right)
* Testing
* A few new features like QSplahScreen
* Bug fixes

If I'm not mistaken, GTK/GNOME already support Indic languages, and I think 
it's pretty pathetic if when KDE 3.2 is released we don't have decent support 
for them, because we _should_.

> what do we loose by supporting both Qt 3.1 and Qt 3.2 for at least some
> time.

* Lots of nasty #ifdef'ing, and the headache that that requires
* Developers using the Qt 3.2 docs and committing Qt 3.1 only code.

> If the only gain is that Qt 3.2 is tested I think it's not worth the 

It's not the only gain.

> trouble it causes for application developers who are forced to upgrade Qt
> without gaining anything.

I would agree to an extent, but if the developers are using CVS HEAD then the 
least of their problems should be compiling a new Qt.

> It's a frustrating experience, if you want to quickly fix a bug and then
> realize that you first have to compile a new version of Qt, before you can
> test your fix. This costs us developers.

If you're running CVS HEAD, you have to compile KDE regularly.

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