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On Saturday 19 July 2003 09:09, Andreas Pour wrote:
> Don't let the negativity stop you, it's the problem of
> problem of Michael and Karl-Heinz.  They'll get over it,

That's a nice standpoint - reminds me to people who told us to shut up
when we tried to prevent Don from discouraging people from contributing
to KMail due to his behavior there...

Telling others to shut up (or "go away" or "stop this") is easy.

Asking if somebody /might/ be right with "the negatives" is more 
difficult of course.

IMO this matter is not a question of somebody having made a mistake but
of somebody behaving in both extremely unfair and brutal way to "re-gain"
maintainership of a project he had dropped long time ago.

Being asked to follow the rules he pretended to agree - only to restart 
his actions short time after, in the same ugly way.

My problem is this: Don never regretted having behaved that ugly but
_continued_ to insist that his way of acting was right - because he
thought his opinion was right.

So now: In case we will face a situation where he (as KDE representive)
will have an opinion that is problematic you can safely assume that he 
will demonstrate his "I am the boss, I don't care about others!" 
attitute again and again...

So instead of having a little-dictator problem that is limited to KMail
KDE will have a little-dictator problem in Australia+Oceania.

IMO it is better to have _no_ representive than having Don.

Of course I know that some of you probably think I am wrong - but I also
know that some of you think it is better to pretent to have 'peace' than 
to address serious problems.  I don't think so.

again: This is not a problem of me 'not liking' Don but of me (and many)
       having been extremely frustrated about him behaving like NOBODY
       in KDE should behave - and he never stopped claimimg that he way
       right acting that way!

So hate me (if you think you must) or smile about me (if you think I am
taking things to seriously) or ignore me ... but that's my point of view.


PS: And, yes, this is my last comment in this thread.
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