Australian representative?

Andreas Pour pour at
Sat Jul 19 08:09:37 BST 2003

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Saturday 19 July 2003 08:41, Don Sanders wrote:
> > Given Michael Brade's and Karl-Heinz Zimmer's objections, with some
> > regret I would like to resign from the position as KDE Australia
> > representative effective immediately.
> I don't think so.
> It never happened here that a representattive was really "elected", and I
> think there would have to be *really* *serious* reasons to deny somebody the
> job.
> You did a lot for kde, so, what is more to say ?
> I am not in the position to judge about anybody here.

I think it is a huge problem that people want to stop others from contributing
to KDE.

It's a volunteer project.  Stop the crap.  If you don't like people in KDE, go
away.  Stop screwing with others.

Now anybody can promote KDE that wants.  Don, please just update the www CVS and
add your name as a rep.  Don't let the negativity stop you, it's the problem of
Michael and Karl-Heinz.  They'll get over it, and in the meantime I very much
appreciate your efforts!

I am sick and tired of all the bullshit.  Stop it, everybody.  You can't stop
others from contributing and if you want to, please, go away.



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