No 3_1_3_RELEASE yet for kde-i18n?

Rob Kaper cap at
Thu Jul 17 18:11:12 BST 2003

After finally having patched cvs2dist to let it handle branches for the
i18n/doc checkouts it makes, I have to find out i18n has not been branched
yet.. :/

cap at kira:~/src/kde-cvs$ cvs co -rKDE_3_1_3_RELEASE -P kde-i18n/subdirs
cvs server: kde-i18n/subdirs is no longer in the repository

(kdegames has been, as well as virtually every other module to be released, it seems) 

Is there any way for modifications such as tagging branches can be relayed to kde-cvs?
Would save me from asking the same questions every release as well as it
would save others from having to answer.

Rob Kaper     | "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
cap at | temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." | - Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
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