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On Thursday 17 July 2003 06:12, George Staikos wrote:
> Ottawa Linux Symposium is coming up next week, and as most of you don't
> know, KDE does have a very small delegation attending.  Zack and I will be
> there. We will be meeting with Havoc Pennington and others interested in
> freedesktop.org and desktop integration and cooperation in general.  We
> would really appreciate some feedback regarding this from the KDE
> community. Please send, via private email, your questions or concerns so
> that we can attempt to address them as time permits.

Replying in public :-)

I don't think there any major obstacles to better desktop integration / 
improved cooperation. What it comes down to is that people need to take time 
to hash out standards on xdg-list at freedesktop.org. That is a very time 
consuming process though. Within KDE you can implement something in an 
afternoon and it becomes a defacto KDE standard. To go beyond that, it 
suddenly becomes much harder, you need to convince much more people of your 
ideas, they often come from a different direction (face it, if we did things 
the same already, you wouldn't need a standard), it needs to be written down 
and all in all it is bound to take much longer.

So what is needed is a lot of hard, unsexy grunge work.

I think it is absolutely essential though to get an Open Source Desktop that 
is fully polished and fully integrated. With KDE we have completed the first 
90%, now we need another 90% of effort to complete the remaining 10%.

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