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On Wednesday 16 July 2003 23:45, Michael Matz wrote:
> I have not read the thread on kde-devel, but your patch definitely is
> wrong, in the sense that it's a workaround for something which shouldn't
> happen, which only works on ELF systems.  You can't dlopen libraries
> basically.

Which ones are the libraries? I have five DSOs related to dcopserver, all of 
them installed by a clean build of CVS HEAD yesterday. Two of them are in 
lib/kde3, are called dcopserver.{la,so}, and contain neither main nor 
kdemain. Three are in lib, are called libkdeinit_dcopserver.{so.0,so,la}, and 
contain a kdemain only.

> It should be investigated, why the DSO in question didn't provide a
> kdemain symbol, and second why kinit didn't look for main in that case.

It's not about the symbol that's being searched for, it's about the name of 
the library used for dcopserver. The patch changes kdeinit to look for 
libkdeinit_foo _first_, and then the regular DSO.

Perhaps the question should be: why so many DSO's? Where does the new 
libkdeinit_ naming come from? It might be a build system thing more than a 
kdeinit thing.

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