libkdeinit_ libraries

Michael Matz matz at
Wed Jul 16 22:45:16 BST 2003


On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Adriaan de Groot wrote:

> Recently, KDE HEAD stopped starting up for me, with all kdeinit started
> processes yielding errors because of a missing kdemain function. This is
> documented in the "kdeinit & missing "main" symbol" thread on -devel.
> The attached patch looks in libkdeinit_foo before looking in foo itself, and
> gets KDE HEAD started properly. I'm hesitant to just commit it, since I don't
> really know (a) what this kdeinit stuff is good for (b) what to do in the
> other branch of the if(), when the pathname starts with a / .

I have not read the thread on kde-devel, but your patch definitely is
wrong, in the sense that it's a workaround for something which shouldn't
happen, which only works on ELF systems.  You can't dlopen libraries

kinit.cpp should search for "kdemain" _and_ "main" symbols in the tried
DSO, and if I read correctly it indeed does so for version
"KDE_IS_VERSION(3, 90, 0)".  Unless all (or at least most) of KDE CVS is
converted to do it correctly this should remain this way (i.e. search main
if kdemain isn't found).

It should be investigated, why the DSO in question didn't provide a
kdemain symbol, and second why kinit didn't look for main in that case.


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