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Tue Jul 15 22:54:45 BST 2003

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On Tuesday 15 July 2003 22:21, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> I wrote a small kinfocenter module, which shows some information about all
> connected firewire devices.
> Screenshot:

Looks like .. something that displays information. Perhaps someone with an 
ieee1394 system will find it iteresting, for sure. I can't tell whether 
fbsd's fwcontrol(1) command can provide similar information.

> You can get the sources from
> It uses libraw1394, so it is linux-only. It consists of only approx. 250
> lines of code, so that I don't think abstracting anything to make it
> portable to other platforms makes sense.

Stating beforehand that it's not going to be portable opens up a whole can of 
worms. Do we really want a solaris-only pci info module next to an 
netbsd-alpha-only pci info module next to ... 

> Is there a place for it in cvs ?
> kdebase, kdeaddons, the extragear ?

extragear or addons, until it runs on more that just linux.

> Are the any issues with using the word "firewire" ? Should I change it to
> "IEEE1394" ?

As pointed out on -devel, FireWire is an Apple trademark, and you should use 
IEEE1394 instead.

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