Australian representative?

Thomas Diehl thd at
Tue Jul 15 22:31:16 BST 2003

Am Tuesday 15 July 2003 20:10 schrieb Michael Matz:

> > In my opinion you are not qualified to speak for KDE - nor for
> > Australia neither for Oceania.
> You are aware that you are answering Don Sanders, not Daniel Stone, aren't
> you?

Even if he thought he was talking to Daniel Stone: I must say the direction 
this whole "personal evaluation" thing is turning to now makes me feel _very_ 
uneasy. Daniel sent a clear and detailled apology to this list which surely 
was not an easy thing to write. And if there still has to be talk about 
things one would "rather not be associated with": For me, it is much more a 
certain lack of generosity I don't want to be part of.



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