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Tue Jul 15 18:08:49 BST 2003

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On Tuesday 15 July 2003 09:16, Don Sanders wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 July 2003 16:00, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > Could you get arranged with Daniel ? If we have two people for
> > the same job then the easiest thing to do is not to let any
> > animosities or personal preferences of others to decide who will
> > actually do the job.

> I actually talked with DanielS on freenode before offering my
> services. It was actually he that suggested I apply for the
> position.

I strongly suggest you to think at least _twice_ about what is
implied with such a position!

In my opinion you are not qualified to speak for KDE - nor for
Australia neither for Oceania.

I can't help but must agree to Waldo's point of view:

On Monday 07 July 2003 11:15, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> Based on your postings to this list I don't think you should be a
> KDE representative. The communications that I witnessed lacked a
> certain minimum level of professionalism/politeness that I expect
> KDE representatives to have. I would rather not be associated
> with that.

Sorry, surely you will not be happy to read my opinion but that's a
result of your behaviour in the past: you showed at several occasions
that your Ego is the most important thing in the world for you and
that hurting the feeling of others is no problem for you if you thing
you're right.

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