khangman doesn't get post-procesed in Makefile.cvs

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Thu Jul 10 14:23:40 BST 2003

On Mit, 09 Jul 2003, Benjamin Reed wrote:

> Any ideas what's happening?  Makefile.cvs doesn't error out or anything...

It works here: 

$ ../configure 2>&1 | grep khangman
checking if khangman should be compiled... yes
fast creating doc/khangman/Makefile
fast creating khangman/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/da/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/en/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/es/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/fi/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/fr/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/pt_BR/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/data/sv/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/pics/Makefile
fast creating khangman/khangman/sounds/Makefile


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