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Sun Jul 6 23:23:02 BST 2003

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Malte: Yes, I've noticed this. Quite annoying.

- -clee

On Sunday 06 July 2003 2:40, Malte Starostik wrote:
> Hi,
> it's been a while now since I've contributed code to KDE let alone fixed
> bugs reported in my code. In the future I'll try my best to at least fix
> those bugs and hopefull also find some time to work down my TODO list and
> get back to taking part in KDE development. Guess I won't be able to be too
> active, but more than nothing.
> I've just updated to the latest CVS and am quite eager to check out the
> great stuff you've all done over the past months :-)
> One thing I've noticed which is probably a Qt bug. Has anyone noticed/
> reported/fixed this already? In labels, menus etc. where ampersands need to
> be doubled to escape them from being rendered as shortcuts, the last letter
> of the string is painted twice (as if the string length to be drawn is
> calculated including the double &, e.g. in kicker in the settings button
> "Security & Privacyy".
> Regards,
> -Malte
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