Maintainership/Coding activity etc.

Malte Starostik malte at
Sun Jul 6 22:40:37 BST 2003


it's been a while now since I've contributed code to KDE let alone fixed bugs 
reported in my code. In the future I'll try my best to at least fix those 
bugs and hopefull also find some time to work down my TODO list and get back 
to taking part in KDE development. Guess I won't be able to be too active, 
but more than nothing.
I've just updated to the latest CVS and am quite eager to check out the great 
stuff you've all done over the past months :-)

One thing I've noticed which is probably a Qt bug. Has anyone noticed/
reported/fixed this already? In labels, menus etc. where ampersands need to 
be doubled to escape them from being rendered as shortcuts, the last letter 
of the string is painted twice (as if the string length to be drawn is 
calculated including the double &, e.g. in kicker in the settings button 
"Security & Privacyy".


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