kdeinit_* updates in kdebase

Benjamin Reed ranger at befunk.com
Wed Jul 2 04:42:31 BST 2003

I'd like to update the following to use the new kdeinit setup so they'll
build on OSX:

M kcontrol/access/Makefile.am
M kcontrol/access/main.cpp
M kcontrol/kcontrol/Makefile.am
M kcontrol/kcontrol/kcminit.cpp
M kcontrol/kcontrol/kcmshell.cpp
M kcontrol/kcontrol/main.cpp
M kdesktop/Makefile.am
M kdesktop/main.cc
M khotkeys/khotkeys/Makefile.am
M khotkeys/khotkeys/main.cpp
M kicker/Makefile.am
M kicker/core/main.cpp
M kicker/proxy/Makefile.am
M kicker/proxy/appletproxy.cpp
M kicker/proxy/extensionproxy.cpp
M klipper/Makefile.am
M klipper/main.cpp
M kmenuedit/Makefile.am
M kmenuedit/main.cpp
M konqueror/Makefile.am
M konqueror/keditbookmarks/Makefile.am
M konqueror/keditbookmarks/main.cpp
M ksmserver/Makefile.am
M ksmserver/main.cpp

If no one has any objections, I'll do it in the morning -- it just touches
a lot of files so I wanted to give some warning first.  If you know of
some reason I shouldn't, please let me know.  :)

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