how do I fix this header conflict?

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Tue Jul 1 03:22:43 BST 2003

> Yes, I know that. I was actually asking which tests still fail when
> replacing -pedantic-errors with "-Wmissing-prototype -Werror".

Ah, I see.  At the very least, gethostname, initgroups, and a number of
the kde_cv_proto_* kdefakes checks that have darwin-equivalents (mkstemp
and the like).

> platform specific breakages (FreeBSD and Solaris being par-excellence
> examples of broken system headers).

Just wait, OSX keeps merging more of FreeBSD into their userland (on top
of a bunch of already-existing ancient NeXTisms), maybe it'll get worse. 

Is the patch I sent at least a suitable workaround?  It seems like it
would at least minimize the damage.  I could also just wrap the CXXFLAGS
assignment in a "case $host in" if you want to be sure I don't mess things
up for other platforms that are chugging along with what exists...

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