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On Friday 31 January 2003 13:56, Jan Van Dijk wrote:
> On Friday 31 January 2003 02:44, Neil Stevens wrote:
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> > > You cannot force SDI on people though. We've tried to make that the
> > > preferred KDE behavior for years, but that didn't prevent the rise of
> > > tabs.
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> Out of curiosity:
> 1) Are tab windows considered to bad bad design by KDE folks?

I think that opinions aside, it would be foolish to ignore how many KDE apps
now have tabs. This answers a user's demand, and KDE is about being convenient
for users, so NO, they are not considered bad design.
Neil insists to the old "only SDI" philosophy, but I think this philosophy is from
the days were the only MDI mode was Windows-3.1 MDI, the "multiple windows
inside a real window" - something which was really too unusable, and which
we don't want at all. However tabs are perfectly useable by all users, there's
really no reason to ban them. 
What the style guide should say, IMHO, is that "tabbed-MDI" (or tabbed
widgets, in a more general sense) if perfectly fine.

(The opinions that the window manager should take care of it are IMHO
nonsense - they are not based on any technical grounds. Do I really want
a window manager to come and mess up my widget hierarchy into my application's
mainwindow? Surely not. Who would provide the necessary menuitems, etc.?
I don't think it makes any sense, I don't even think it would be technically doable. 
It has nothing to do with a *window* manager role, that's for sure.).

A shared widget with common kactions for all the common functionality
(switch to tab on left/right, move tab left/right, breakoff tab, etc. etc.)
would definitely make much sense.

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