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On Friday January 31, 2003 04:56, Jan Van Dijk wrote:
> On Friday 31 January 2003 02:44, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > > You cannot force SDI on people though. We've tried to make that the
> > > preferred KDE behavior for years, but that didn't prevent the rise
> > > of tabs.
> Out of curiosity:
> 1) Are tab windows considered to bad bad design by KDE folks? (This is
> not mentioned in the style guide, I believe) Isn't a tab window an
> appropriate Interface for displaying multiple aspects of a Single
> Document?

Well, they aren't addressed separately, but that's just because tabs are 
only a specific case of the more general MDI Design.  Tabbed windows are 
just MDI windows that force the child windows to be maximized all the 

> 2) What is the essential difference between a tab window and a splitter
> window with a tree control on the left, and a contents window on the
> right-hand side? Open KMail for example, and rotate the app window (or
> your monitor ;-) 90 degrees clockwise: the result is essentially a tab
> window with one tab per mail folder.

KMail isn't a document-centered app like Konqueror or KWrite.  That's the 

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