Fwd: generic make clean problem?

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Fri Jan 31 08:59:57 GMT 2003

Am Thursday 30 January 2003 18:18 schrieb Sebastian Trueg:
> Hy,
> so who am I to ask about the admin stuff?
> Cheers,
> Sebastian
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> Subject: Re: [Kde-extra-gear] Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: debian-Verzeichnis im CVS
> möglich?]
> Date: Thursday 30 January 2003 14:14
> From: Klas Kalass <klas.kalass at gmx.de>
> To: kde-extra-gear at mail.kde.org
> Am Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2003 13:20 schrieb Sebastian Trueg:
> > don't the Makefiles for the i18n stuff get generated by the cvsExtract
> > script?
> Yes, well not directly: The Makefile are generated by configure.
> I think trying to fix the clean target goes pretty deep into automake
> stuff, for which I am not qualified enough. I just tried and the same
> happens with the i18n files of the other modules too. So it is probably a
> problem in the admin directory. Please file a bugreport (but don't ask me
> ;) to whoever maintains the admin dir.
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> > die 'clean' regel uebersieht einige .pmo Dateien. Das stoert etwas, wenn
> > man unter debian mittel dpkg-buildpackage arbeitet. Man muss dann diese
> > pmo's erst immer selber loeschen (ich bin faul...)
> I guess he means .gmo files?

This is no bug. make clean only removes stuff that is supposed to be compiled 
by the user. .gmo files aren't! If you want to remove them, try make 

Greetings, Stephan

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