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Sebastian Trueg sebastian at trueg.de
Thu Jan 30 17:18:07 GMT 2003


so who am I to ask about the admin stuff?


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Date: Thursday 30 January 2003 14:14
From: Klas Kalass <klas.kalass at gmx.de>
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Am Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2003 13:20 schrieb Sebastian Trueg:
> don't the Makefiles for the i18n stuff get generated by the cvsExtract
> script?

Yes, well not directly: The Makefile are generated by configure.
I think trying to fix the clean target goes pretty deep into automake stuff,
for which I am not qualified enough. I just tried and the same happens with
the i18n files of the other modules too. So it is probably a problem in the
admin directory. Please file a bugreport (but don't ask me ;) to whoever
maintains the admin dir.

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> die 'clean' regel uebersieht einige .pmo Dateien. Das stoert etwas, wenn
> man unter debian mittel dpkg-buildpackage arbeitet. Man muss dann diese
> pmo's erst immer selber loeschen (ich bin faul...)

I guess he means .gmo files?



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