wwwtesting ready for final test drive ;)

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Mon Jan 27 22:49:30 GMT 2003

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now I guess 90% of the original used www.kde.org content is over on 
wwwtesting.kde.org and the design is usable for normal people, too. (yeah, it 
can get some more tweaking, hacking and code cleaning, I know, but it is 
usable ;=).
There are still some broken links (most in the annoucements dir and in the 
info dir, the other dirs should be quiet "broken-links" free) which needs to 
be fixed, help welcome. Some stuff like the donation show page under 
support/donations.php doesn't work atm, too. (seems to need some server side 
tweaking if it is in place on kde.org).

What is not in atm: documentation part, but that needs no real changes, as 
using the stuff from the documentation templates I guess, and some dirs like 
the kdeslides, ...., but as they can stay where they are in the www modul, 
think will have no interferences and will be fast relinked with the new page.

Everybody which wants to test, please do so, need feedback on kde-www, but be 
told, feedback alone is nice, help is wanted ;) I have done my best to port 
over the pages and fix links, update some content, review stuff, coordinate 
the work with the designer of the page Sebastian Faubel and more, but help is 
needed for the switch over to kde.org after the public review, as I alone 
will not be able to handle it that clean (most stuff can be handled by me, 
for sure, but there will be some delays, as I have not time around the clock 
to fix found broken stuff).

But enough, have fun testing the new page, perhaps kde e.V. people,  the other 
maintainers of kde.org and the sysadmin/CVS gurus can think about when and 
how to switch the new pages over, after the last issues are solved. ;) As we 
have time enough, it is no need for forcing now a fast switch, but please, if 
you change stuff on the www modul, keep in mind to do the same for the 
kde-www modul in the meantime, don't have the time to run around and sync the 
whole time, at least not for everything (or some "I wanna sync" guy can come 
up) ;)


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