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Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 26 01:23:53 GMT 2003

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Waldo Bastian wrote:
>Ok, I added support for it to kdecore. It uses libidn
>(http://josefsson.org/libidn/) for the encoding functions. It auto-detects
>libidn during runtime and loads it on-demand. First tests indicate that it
>works just fine. Are there already actual sites with international domain

According to Gary Krall from Verisign, there are, but they're using an older 
encoding called RACE, while the current implementation uses punycode.

I have also almost finished implementing the very same thing on my own, 
following the documents and RFCs. It's probably very buggy and it isn't 
finished yet. You can currently find the source code at 
http://thiagom.dyndns.org/~thiago/new-sockets/ in the form of new files to be 
added to kdecore.

Also note that I haven't modified any of the existing files. All of this goes 
into the new framework. The IDN code goes at the end of the kresolver.cpp 

The tricky parts in the processing are:
* name preparation, especially the handling of case folding and prohibited 
* punycode encoding and decoding (not yet written)

Those parts are exactly what should be better integrated with QString and 
QTextCodec, probably inside Qt itself.

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