Broken KDE Admin Dir

Andreas Pour pour at
Tue Jan 21 04:56:48 GMT 2003

Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Andreas Pour wrote:
> > Hmm, you are stating a conclusion without any supporting reasoning :-).  My
> > query is:  what is the advantage of breaking compilations for third-party KDE
> > developers?  It certainly is easy enough to add MIN_CONFIG(3.1) to the 8 kde
> > core package scripts or whatever, but trying to communicate the
> > need to change something so obscure to the thousands of independent KDE
> > developers is a lot more cumbersome, wouldn't you agree?
> The admin directory contains a lot more than just the minimum Qt
> requirement. 


> It is developed for major KDE releases, and is tested against
> them. 


> Nobody tests HEAD admin against a stoneage KDE 3.0 release, and it
> might do everything from not work at all or wipe all of your harddisk when
> you do.

Just plain stupid :-/.
> Its not that difficult to pick up the admin in the revision you're
> interested in depending on which KDE version you want your app to work
> against: just check out the branch you're interested in. Thats why we add
> branches to CVS.

Can you possibly get your brain to understand that it's not about *me*?  Maybe
then you can stop opposing it as a knee-jerk reaction.



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