KGamma included in kdegraphics (Was: Re: Fwd: KGamma)

Michael v.Ostheim MvOstheim at
Sat Jan 18 21:27:55 GMT 2003

On Saturday 11 January 2003 13:09, Neil Stevens wrote:
> I think I shall move kcmxv from System to Peripherals, as the new name
> "System Administration" doesn't fit that module anymore, and since kcmxv
> and kgamma are fairly similar, they should be in the same place.  I think
> the KControl reorganization did well, since it just caused two similar
> modules in two different groups to move together. :-)

Hi all!
I included KGamma to kdegraphics today. I moved it from KControl's  
"Look&Feel" to "Pheripherals" and renamed the entry to "Monitor Gamma".

Sometimes people asked me for new features in KGamma. I want to keep it small 
and simple, and in my opinion new features should go into new KControl 
modules, with one exception:
I have some experimental code branched from an older version, including a 
graphical gamma ramp editor. But I'm not sure, if this is really useful. If 
some of you think it is, I will continue development on that.

Best regards, Michael v.Ostheim  

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