control: cancel (Re: Xcursor theme support)

Malte Starostik malte at
Sat Jan 18 17:58:08 GMT 2003

On Saturday 18 January 2003 17:26, Malte Starostik wrote:
> Hi,
> the attached patches add basic Xcursor theme support to KDE.
> With KCursorEffect::setTheme() it is possible to change the theme on the
> fly. For this to work, the QCursor hack and kwin's participation is
> neccessary as all cursors must be recreated, especially the root window's.
> Any suggestions for a different approach or can I commit?
> {yes, documentation for KCursorEffect is on its way}

Just forget it please. We've decided on IRC that this functionality is a 
single mess that will never work consistently on client side and belongs into 
the X server.


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