Adding Umbrello UML Modeller in kdesdk

Marc Mutz Marc.Mutz at
Sat Jan 18 17:14:35 GMT 2003

On Friday 17 January 2003 18:59, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> I'd like to propose that Umbrello UML Modeller (of which I am project
> administrator) is included in kdesdk.

I'm all for it. ;-)

> I would continue to work on the programme within KDE.  There is also
> a fork planned for a complete re-write which would happen outside of
> KDE.

Hmmm, generally, if you have your app in KDE CVS you are expected to 
work on it _inside_ KDE CVS as opposed to periodically merge releases 
in from (say)'s CVS. The re-write can happen in another CVS 

> I'm happy to answer any questions.

I have one: Do you plan to integrate it with KDevelop?


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