in-place-editing patch for konqueror bookmarks

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Fri Jan 17 14:50:24 GMT 2003

On Friday 17 January 2003 15:23, David Faure wrote:

> It was removed from Qt because there was no (generic) way to
> save those shortcuts, so you would just lose them after restarting the app.
> (IIRC I was also told that Gtk dropped this feature too?).

I don't know its current status, but when we wrapped GtkMenu in gtkmm, we 
purposely disabled this feature because everybody hated it. It looks cool at 
first, but in fact it's totally useless. Like you said, you can't save the 
shortcuts so you lose them at application exit, and dealing with conflicts 
was either primitive or inexistent. It's also very easy to change a shortcut 
by mistake, and most of all you can kiss UI consistency goodbye, since you 
can change common shortcuts like Quit, Open, New, Close, etc...

Typical "false good idea", really.

> Anyway - IMHO we have a nice "Configure Shortcuts" dialog, we don't need
> this (potentially confusing) feature.

Yes yes yes yes.


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