in-place-editing patch for konqueror bookmarks

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Fri Jan 17 14:23:21 GMT 2003

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On Friday 17 January 2003 14:26, Alexander Kellett wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 01:29:06AM -0700, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > this may be very tricky to get working consistently. best would be if it were 
> > in QPopupMenu, but it would have to respect and work with the XMLUI framework 
> > (as well as hardcoded menu entries, regular KActions and possibly even 
> > QActions?). tricky....
> i assume that "gnome-like shortcut defining" is the ability
> to edit shortcuts runtime without bothering with the shortcuts
> preferences by just typing the shortcut while having the menu
> item selected.
> i'd love to see that feature. in fact, wasn't it in kde a while back?

It was removed from Qt because there was no (generic) way to 
save those shortcuts, so you would just lose them after restarting the app.
(IIRC I was also told that Gtk dropped this feature too?).
Plus handling shortcut conflicts is difficult, etc.

Anyway - IMHO we have a nice "Configure Shortcuts" dialog, we don't need
this (potentially confusing) feature.

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