[PROPOSAL] cvs support in KDE

Christian Loose Christian.Loose at hamburg.de
Fri Jan 17 12:15:14 GMT 2003


I want to propose a more organized effort to add a system-wide support for CVS (and other vcs like Subversion) to KDE. Right now we have a lot of code duplication.

- Cervisia with its new CVS DCOP service
- KDevelop with cvs and svn part
- KBabel with libcvs
- Quanta uses Cervisia (AFAIK)
- and in the future maybe more (Kate, KFileDialog?)

The two parts that might be interesting for code reuse (IMO) are a layer which provides easy access to the functionality of the command line client and a GUI layer with the dialogs to display the data (like the Browse Log dialog of Cervisia).

For Cervisia I decided to create DCOP service for the first layer and I was thinking about using KParts plugins for the second layer.

But before doing even more work, I was thinking, maybe we should create something that is useful for everybody. What do you think?


PS: I hope this mail was at least somewhat understandable.

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