Debian Woody packages for KDE 3.1 + Ägypten

Fabian Wolf fabianw at
Fri Jan 17 10:10:05 GMT 2003

On Thursday 16 January 2003 21:06, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> [...]
> it should last to apt-get install kmail and the following packages:
> libgcrypt1
> libksba0
> gpgsm
> libgpgme6
> cryptplug
> pinentry-qt | pinentry-gtk | pinentry-curses
> For optional smartcard support, apt-get install scdaemon should resolve all
> dependencies (libopensc0, libpcsclite0, pcscd)
> I would be pleased if bugs in the overall modified build process can be
> reported or if everything is functional now (S/MIME, OpenPGP). Especially
> pinentry-qt is of interest as it is a Qt frontend which fits best on KDE
> :-)
> [...]

I went installing all those packages along with newpg-0.9.4 (which compiled 
but didn't pass make check) - The only thing that's still not working is 
pinentry-qt. I get this error message saying something like #19: No 
Passphrase (or similar). Using pinentry-gtk works fine though. Any idea?
I'm using
* pinentry 0.6.7
* libcrypt 1.1.11
* libksba 0.4.6
* gpgme 0.3.14 ... and...
* cryptplug 0.3.15
* KMail 1.5.9 from CVS

One thing that's annoying too is that when "encrypting message is selected in 
a new-message window a dialog keeps poping up that asks for a users key to 
select for encryption (called "Encryption Key Selection / Approval"). Don't 
know how to turn this off and it'd be nice if it only appeared right before 
sending the message. 

Thanx in advance,

* 100,000 lemmings can't be wrong
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