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Gerhard den Hollander wrote:
>Solaris and IRIX (and AIX IIRC, but it's been years since I've worked with
>that) all mounted /tmp on tmpfs by default.
>[actually that's not true, IRIX has /tmp by default on /dev/root,
> but /tmp gets cleaned on reboot]
>I do like linux way of not cleaning /tmp on reboot, as I have the tendecy
>to have my programs runnign and lg to /tmp/xxxxxxx

Yes, but that's your system, you know it won't clean /tmp during reboot. If it 
did, you wouldn't have made your programs log to /tmp in the first place ;-)

Now, the standards for Linux recommend that you don't depend on a file being 
there, while you have greater chances of finding your file if you saved it in 
/var/tmp. That's all I wanted to say, nothing else. I don't mean to have 
everyone change their configs to that /tmp is erased or not erased or 
anything else.

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