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while working myself (again) through the gpg/aegypten/smime stuff for debian 
packages (which we at credativ where I work will use for an installation), 
the thing for using KMail with Aegypten  depends much on proper configuration 
of the system. Now; one critical thing is to make the gpg-agent start up, so

advises to start it in ~/.xsession or in startkde. I'd prefer to have a test 
for gpg-agent in the PATH and start it properly as the example says during 
KDE startup if it is there:

Before using gpg, you need to start gpg-agent:

eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)"

(gpg-agent outputs a little shell script that sets the environment variable 
GNUPG_AGENT_INFO). You may want to add this to your ~/.xsession or startkde 
so that all programs see the environment variable.

My question is, could we implement this in the startkde script as a default 
test for KDE startup or do the packagers require to do that or leave this 
totally up to the user ? I think we could add this there to make sure kmail 
works with the plugins correctly, because many fails will be the result of 
not having everything properly configured and started up.

Opinions ?


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