klocale patch

CP Hennessy CP.Hennessy at iname.com
Wed Jan 15 01:21:25 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 14 January 2003 23:06, Marc Mutz wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 January 2003 22:25, CP Hennessy wrote:
> <snip>
> > This behaviour is closer to the behaviour found on netscape mail,
> > especially with using only 3 letters for the day of the week.
> <snip>
> You don't need to persuade  me . I welcome any code that moves stuff out
> of KMail's code that's not the business of a mail reader.
> But KMail as a long tradition of being hostile towards changing the look
> of the application (total/unread columns in the folder tree (that
> reminds me: do they still default to "on"?), the many address books,
> forwarding as MIME encapsulation, even looping in folders with unread
> mails has to be config'able). ;-)
> So be prepared to fight...

I think that the method will be interesting for more than just me, and the
option of using it in KMail can/should be simply to add it to the KMail
options page as the 4th possibility in "Appearance" -> "Headers" ->
"Date Display".  For me it is much more compact and useful, and I
will be making a patch for it. If it is not used then only I benifit ;-)


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