Moving KMail, KNode, Korn and related libraries to kdepim

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Tue Jan 14 23:49:47 GMT 2003

On Die, 14 Jan 2003, Bo Thorsen wrote:

> Please note with this that noone seems to argue that the right place for 
> these slaves are in kdebase. That at least suggests that they're in the 
> wrong place right now. ( <=Hidden invitation for people to speak up if 
> they disagree )


> > a separate module for them. We can then map the directories into any
> > module we want at a fixed, minimal cost. We should have done that years
> > ago.
> That would IMHO be a bad idea. The only thing you would gain from this was 
> one more thing you need to install besides kdelibs. With this one, the 
> ioslaves are better placed in kdelibs.

Nope. you can map in your kioslaves wherever you want. like we do with 
kde-common/admin (which is in almost all kde* modules as admin). 

The point is to keep the code in *one* place and not moving it around on the 

> - Mail related slaves conceptually belongs with the mail program


I can read imap in konqueror as well. works just fine. Might be less 
comfortable than in KMail though. 

Dirk (received 23 mails today)

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