KCalendarSystem-related API changes (Re: Compiling Koffice)

Hans Petter Bieker bieker at itk.ntnu.no
Mon Jan 13 22:17:32 GMT 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, David Faure wrote:

> KDE_NO_COMPAT is about kde-3.0 stuff: it means "my app is clean as far as
> the kde-3.0 API is concerned, I don't use any kde-2 stuff that has been deprecated".
> This is why so many apps have that flag enabled. But you changed the meaning into
> "my app is clean wrt the kde-3.2 API", which can't be true for all the
> existing released apps! Such a thing can only be done for a new major release
> anyway. KDE-3.2 _must_ be source compatible with KDE-3.1 !

I'll revert commit in the next days.

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