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On Sunday 12 January 2003 04:06, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> kdenonbeta/kcmrandr is your friend :-) I guess as soon as XFree 4.3 is out,
> we could use that in kdebase. How about adding a section to "Periphals"
> with "Display" and add kcmrandr, the xfree configurator and kgamma there ?
> PS: We also need a module for setting the XCursor theme and a converter for
> .CUR files plus a set of animated cursors :-))
> Ralf
I've just started using XF4.3 and I thought I would give my impressions of 
XCursor with KDE. I agree with Ralf that we need a theme, beacuse none of the 
standard cursors are very good. Redglass is big and red, whiteglass is nice 
but big. It also needs a decent animated busy cursor. handheld is tiny and 

There seems to be a lot of places where KDE uses the standard B+W mouse 
cursors instead of using an XCursor alternative. I think I have only seen a 
normal pointer, caret and busy cursor, everything else has been the usual X 
cursors.  The other problem I have noticed is that various places appear to 
be using a strange cursor. For example, if you hover over the app icons on 
kicker you get the hand cursor instead of the normal pointer. You also get 
the hand cursor in the folder list in kmail. I think these should be the 
normal pointer cursor.

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