New cvs2dist

Andras Mantia amantia at
Sat Jan 11 23:07:19 GMT 2003


> Hi, thanks for the patch. You put "$message_modulename = $modulename" in
> the patch, and this doesn't work for me. 

It works for me, but maybe

message_modulename = $modulename

should be better there.

> Also, you have message_module=""
> in the beginning and message_modulename=... later. 

The first should be of course message_modulename.

> Also, is this tested? I
> really like the idea but I'm not sure if it's implemented correctly.
It worked for me, and I have packaged Quanta with all the correct po files. It 
was a 5 minutes patch, and you can see the errors. ;-) 

> Thanks so much!
> Jason


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