Moving KMail, KNode, Korn and related libraries to kdepim

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at
Fri Jan 10 21:00:06 GMT 2003

On Friday 10 January 2003 19:11, Vadim Plessky wrote:
> On Friday 10 January 2003 11:36, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> |  Dear developers,
> |
> |  the question whether KMail should be moved to kdepim has already
> | arisen quite a few times on kmail at (and probably also
> | elsewhere). Last week end at the Kroupware/Kaplan hack fest (cf.
> | the Announcement on kde-core-devel on 21.12.02) we [1] took the
> | chance to talk about this from face to face. After weighing the
> | pros and the cons we finally came to the unanimous conclusion that
> | KMail and the corresponding libs (and therefore also KNode and Korn
> | which also depend on those libs) should be moved.
> I am wondering *what* would remain in kdenetwork module than? Only
> kppp?

kchat, kdict, kfile-plugins, kget, kit, kmailcvt, knewsticker, kpf, 
kppp, krdc, krfb, ksirc, ktalkd, kxmlrpc, lanbrowsing will stay in 
kdenetwork. There might be additions like kopete in the future.

That clearly shows that kdenetwork won't be a nearly empty module.

Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at>

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