supporting web standards, not renderers, was: khtml and safari

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On Thursday 09 January 2003 10:12, Marco Fioretti wrote:
|  On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 19:30:18 at 07:30:18PM -0800, Charles Samuels 
(charles at wrote:
|  > What would be nice is if Safari and Konqueror's user-agent strings had
|  > something in common, so that incompetent web designers who "need" the UA
|  > would have something that helps both KDE and Apple have web sites that
|  > explicitly support our renderer.
|  Isn't this just another version of "this site designed for/best viewed
| with IE6"?
|  Web sites should explicitly support Free standards (HTML 4, CSS,
|  whatever). They should force users to use *any* browser fully
|  respecting those standards, shouldn't they?

I am one of those who would vote for userAgent standartization.
But, IMO Mozilla team doesn't want to make any steps in this direction, and 
their method of defining UA is wrong.
And I do not expect MS to follow userAgent standard, supposing that such one 
was created.

So, what we can do for now is to make sure that Safari and Konqueror, using 
the same rendering engine (KHTML/KJS), would get the same treating.

And, BTW, there are some structures in 'navigator' object (pre-defined in all 
existing browsers) which can help.
See attached script which returns following (on my KDE 3.1):

navigator.vendor = KDE
navigator.product = Konqueror/khtml
navigator.platform = Linux i686 X11

I am certanly interested what results Safari returns for this script. 


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