Konqi previews revisited

Alexander Neundorf alexander.neundorf at gmx.net
Fri Jan 10 16:29:10 GMT 2003

On Friday 10 January 2003 00:47, Troels Tolstrup wrote:
> There is an option to make the previews the same size as your icons. IMO
> this should be default behavior, as to me, the different sizes looks
> messy and gives a very bad first impression to new users. (and is part
> of the problem here too i think)
>  I think the reasoning was that the default size is following a
> thumbnail standard that i hadnt even heard about, and much less care
> about, at least as long as im using a general browser, and not a photo
> handling program like apples iPhoto.
> Mvh
> Troels

I also always wonder why the thumbnails have different sizes.
Simply give them all the same size as the icons and everything is ok, I think.


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