New module for KPovModeler

Klas Kalass klas.kalass at
Sat Jan 4 21:35:34 GMT 2003

Am Samstag, 4. Januar 2003 20:25 schrieb Andreas Zehender:
> On Saturday 04 January 2003 17:40, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> > > > Since kpovmodeler has 226 source files, I suggest to move it to
> > > > kdeextragear-2.
> > >
> > > That makes the extragear an unorganized mess, similiar to kdenonbeta,
> > > probably just worse.
> >
> > Unlike kdenonbeta, the applications in kdeextragear are maintained, and
> > unlike kdenonbeta, there is a limit on the number of applications in each
> > kdeextragear module. I think that those two factors are sufficient to
> > prevent it from becoming a mess.
> What I don't like about the kdeextragear idea is that each module consists
> of a number of applications of any type and completely unlinked. The size
> argument in kdegraphics still persists for kdeextragear: A user who wants
> to install a small application in kdeextragear-2 doesn't want to download
> and install kpovmodeler. I don't think packagers will ever distribute such
Well, he should not download kdeextragear-2 as a whole then. It is not the 
intention of the extra gear to be used as one module by anyone else than the 
KDE Developers. Each application in it is / will be released independently. 

> modules as a whole and that means that they are probably never be
> distributed.
I hope they will never do this! That would defeat the purpose of the extra 

> I would suggest a separate module.
If you go to the extra gear then it is up to you to release kpovmodeler. You 
can of course time it so that it is released with the rest of KDE and you 
need to take care that a) the translators know about it and b) it will be 
mentioned in the release notes and c) the release dude does not forget about 
it. So if people reject a separate module then you can still reach your goals 
from within the extra gear.

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