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John Firebaugh jfire at
Fri Jan 3 17:07:44 GMT 2003

On Friday 27 December 2002 9:54, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Quoting "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo at>:
> > <surprise>i did?</surprise>
> >
> > i picked up maintainership of the control panel, and i did fair amount
> > of hacking on kicker for 3.1 (and some in past releases as well) and i
> > have plans as you mention for some incremental design improvements for
> > 3.2, but i don't think i ever took maintainership ...
> Hmm, oops.  I just dug out that thread again (Mattias retiring) and saw
> that you claimed kcmpanel not kicker.  Sorry for that...
> > IMHO john firebaugh would be a great candidate for maintainer as he
> > knows the code very well and has done a lot of important work on it of
> > late.
> Well, I've already done my share of volunteering others for the day, so
> I'll stay out of this.  :-)

> As I've said to you and on this list before, I plan on doing some work on
> Kicker.  I'll start working through some of the bug reports when I get back
> to Germany in a couple of weeks.  I started messing with a few of them
> before I left, but my lack of broadband (which I should finally have again
> when I get back) has made everything more difficult.

> > sanity. good word for it. ;-)
> Indeed.  So maybe I can blame the botch above on being away from my home
> box, one too many family activities and jetlag.  ;-)
> > january should be fun. oh, and happy holidays everyone!
> Yep!
> /me kicks himself for thinking he was actually going to have time for
> coding during the holidays.  ;-)
> Cheers,
> -Scott

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