[RFC] Implicit or explicit cast to QString?

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Fri Jan 3 13:32:21 GMT 2003


André Wöbbeking and I work on Cervisia at the moment and Cervisia works alot 
with QStrings in order to call the cvs command line client. Right now, the 
code looks mostly like this:

QString cmdline = cvsClient();
cmdline += " update ";
if( !recursive )
	cmdline += " -l ";
cmdline += joinList(files);

We had a private discussion about using implicit cast to QString or making it 
explicit by using QString::fromLatin1(). Now I would like to know what other 
core developers think. 

Do you prefer QString::fromLatin1() over operator=(const char*)? Should the 
above code look like this:

QString cmdline = cvsClient();
cmdline += QString::fromLatin1(" update ");
if( !recursive )
	cmdline += QString::fromLatin1(" -l ");
cmdline += joinList(files);


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