Moving from tab to tab

Ellis Whitehead ellis at
Wed Feb 26 22:35:10 GMT 2003

Hi Allan,

On Monday 24 February 2003 21:39, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> We discussed it on kde-usability. In order not to break current bindings of
> tab, and to have a key combo that is easy on all keyboards I suggested
> ctrl+> and ctrl+<. On most european keyboards they seems to be on the same
> button in bottom left corner, that makes it consistent with tab where you
> add shift to change direction. On american keyboards they are over , and .
> and also easy to access. We didnt hear of any keyboards where they were
> hard to access.

In the 4-modifier-key alternate layout I'll set this to Ctrl+Tab and 
Ctrl+Shift+Tab, since that's overall a lot more consistent (Win+Tab for 
desktop, Alt+Tab for programs, Ctrl+Tab for documents).  Given that Ctrl+Tab 
is used in the traditional KDE shortcut scheme, Ctrl+< and Ctrl+> seem OK.

> But rather than changing this everywhere, we should instead add it as a
> standard action in kdelibs and let the respective applications react to
> that action.
> Do anyone object if I start fixing this? (I have no idea where to start,
> but it cant that hard to figure out)

Go for it.  I look forward to the results of your work. ;)  I see that someone 
added standard shortcuts to kstdaccel.cpp yesterday...


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