[kde-promo] KDE Shirts Available

Eva Brucherseifer eva at kde.org
Wed Feb 26 18:38:17 GMT 2003

Dear KDE fellows,

The KDE Promo Team and Kernelconcepts are offering you shirts featuring your 
favourite desktop KDE. The shirts are dark blue and show an embroidered 
4-color blue K gear at the size of 5.5cm. They are available as polo shirts, 
T-Shirts and girlie shirts. Polo shirts targeted esp. at KDE members who do 
promotional work e.g. on expos. 

price for KDE contributors only: 
T-Shirt/Girlie-Shirt	15.00 EUR
Poloshirt 			13.50 EUR

regular price:
T-Shirt/Girlie-Shirt	25.00 EUR
Poloshirt 			20 EUR 

Regular prices contain a donation to KDE e.V. Payment has to be done via 
transaction to Kernelconcepts (standard business conditions) and the shipping 
is also done by Kernelconcepts. 

We have prepared a form for preorders at

The KDE Promo Team thanks Simon Budig for preparing the master copy and 
Kernelconcepts for excellent cooperation. 

Eva Brucherseifer
Fabrice Mous
Karl-Heinz Zimmer
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