reducing number of lines for configure

Michael Matz matz at
Wed Feb 26 14:53:28 GMT 2003


On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Lubos Lunak wrote:

> > Hmm, doesn't that mean that the line numbers it passes to the configure
> > check with the #line cpp command are totally bogus now?
>  Are those numbers used also somewhere else than in config.log ? If not, the
> numbers match of course.

Ehh?   Dirk meant, that if the numbers after the #line directives were
hardcoded in the configure file (as it was the case for autoconf 2.13),
deleting lines in that file would make those numbers invalid.  Like

% cat bla
#line 2 "bla"
% delete-stuff bla; cat bla
#line 2 "bla"

Obviously it's not line 2 anymore (it's the first now), but you wouldn't
have had changed that number.  But anyway that's mood with new autoconf,
as the numbers there are not hardcoded.


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