reducing number of lines for configure

Michael Matz matz at
Wed Feb 26 13:55:03 GMT 2003


On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, Lubos I forgot the thing Dirk suggested to put here Lunak wrote:

Would you be so kind, and not use those silly name addends in your From: ?

> Could somebody review the attached patches? The was just a
> small try, I don't think we still need MICO checks.

Those don't hurt at all for the final configure size.  As long as they
aren't requested by some macro call in, they won't end up in
configure.  Ergo the removing of those macros don't change the size of

> The second one is the more interesting, I hope the comments explains
> it. It works for me (TM),

It at least also deletes the comment lines which hide some created
files (in the libtool configuration, ltdll.c and impgen.c).  It also
removes comment from some other generated files (but there really just
comment).  In general I'm extremely nervous about deleting anything except
empty lines (and even those I don't like, as then debugging the configure
script is more difficult, because harder to read).

Which compilers don't like #line's > 32767?  We could change the way those
numbers are actually emitted, instead of having to reduce configure.


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