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On Tuesday February 25, 2003 06:36, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 February 2003 15:11, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Actually, the answer is that he's not planning to make tarballs.  He's
> > simply going to make the common Jabber code use some abstract classes.
> > Psi will ship with the Jabber code plus his Qt-based implementations. 
> > For Light Hawk and Kopete, Till and I will have to make and release an
> > xmpp library that includes KDE-based implementations.
> Sounds like a lot of work has to be done before there's a 'real' KDE
> Jabber lib :(

I don't think it'll be too bad, once Justin reworks the library next month.  
As Justin said in the mail forwarded here, the core is solid and not going 
to change.

The only part I don't look forward to doing is SSL, since that I don't know 
much about. :-)

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