BIC monday?

Volker Augustin volker.augustin at
Mon Feb 24 18:17:51 GMT 2003

>   If we have to wait for doing that, nothing will get done.  For instance,
>   I
> added a few new methods to kglobalsettings and then proceeded to edit >
> 100 files in all the modules in CVS (I don't know how many were changed in
> the
> end).  I didn't receive a complaint of similar nature to this.  The real
> problem occurs when you actually break BC, and so everything has to be
> rebuilt or it dumps core.

But if you change something in kdelibs and say in kdegraphics and I rebuild 
kdelibs in order to be able to recompile kdegraphics the only thing I know 
for sure is that kdegraphics works with kdelibs. I do not know if any of 
the other modules still works with kdelibs.
To determine this I have to rebuild all of them (or wait for the core 
dumps). And if you changed a header which is included in most of the files 
- even if you just changed a single comment line - everything will get 
rebuild as gcc is just to stupid to detect such changes.
So, if this is not BIC I don't know what is.

Why not prepare a patch, test it during the week and apply it on Monday? 
This will probably also reduce the number as compile breakages as people 
get to actually compile the stuff they commit before committing. 


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