Moving from tab to tab

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Mon Feb 24 20:39:45 GMT 2003

On Monday 10 February 2003 14:00, Philippe Fremy wrote:
> We urgently need to standardised on that and apply the standards to all
> apps. I personally like the konsole way, which is easy and unobtrusive
> Besides, it is one of the first application in KDE to have it. I don't
> think any application is using this shift thing yet, so many application
> could keep their current way of switching tab and adding this standard one.
> It would for example be a good idea for konqueror to accept the mozilla
> way.
> I hope we can address this before KDE 3.2 .
We discussed it on kde-usability. In order not to break current bindings of 
tab, and to have a key combo that is easy on all keyboards I suggested ctrl+> 
and ctrl+<. On most european keyboards they seems to be on the same button in 
bottom left corner, that makes it consistent with tab where you add shift to 
change direction. On american keyboards they are over , and . and also easy 
to access. We didnt hear of any keyboards where they were hard to access.

But rather than changing this everywhere, we should instead add it as a 
standard action in kdelibs and let the respective applications react to that 

Do anyone object if I start fixing this? (I have no idea where to start, but 
it cant that hard to figure out)


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