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On Sunday 23 February 2003 03:36, George Staikos wrote:
> Can someone please provide to me a good argument why screen resolution 
> dependent KConfig options should be stored?  I understand that the 
> dialog/widget/window is resized relative to the resolution.  However I think 
> it makes more sense to check if the stored geometry is greater than the 
> current geometry, and if it is, shrink it.  If it is too small, the user can 
> resize easily enough.

It's easy to see from the above that the current solution is better than the one
you suggest ;) People who often switch between two resolutions find all their
window sizes again, in both resolutions, instead of having to resize their windows
all the time.

> Conversely, if the sizes are stored, then how do you deal with people who have 
> multi-head or xinerama, and even those who enable and disable smart placement 
> with xinerama?  It's really ugly.

Placement? This isn't about placement, it's about size...

What makes multi-head/xinerama special here?
If I understand correctly, the overall screen resolution gets twice wider, but you still
want your apps to be sized according to a single screen (display? what's the
correct word)? Why not use the size of the single screen instead of the overall
size, in the KMainWindow code? This would fix the problem the right way IMHO.

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